Time Lapse Camera Systems

Time Lapse Camera Systems

VisionOn Systems range of CamDo TIME LAPSE Cameras address a wide range of applications, from Construction, Production & Manufacturing Processes, Corporate videos, Medical Procedures and many more.
Harnessing the high-quality image processing of the Go Pro camera, the CamDo systems provide additional flexibility not previously available.

Time lapse is a method of photography and videography that speeds up time around a subject. The main function of time lapse is that it makes interesting patterns occurring over time observable in a short period. Time lapse reveals the fascinating and interesting aspects of life that tend to go unnoticed.

One of the most common uses for time lapse is Construction, we are currently working on a 5-year project in London, by providing daily images that will eventually be turned into a promotional video for use with investors and clients.

Time lapse is a wonderful way to showcase a project from start to finish such as Boeing demonstrating the construction of a 737 airplane.
Time lapse can be used to follow a renovation, re-brand, product release, or even business development.  
Time lapse video is extremely versatile. It can be used to convey messaging in corporate communications or a change in messaging.

Certain patterns take time to emerge, which is where time lapse becomes a valuable tool. The field of medicine greatly benefits from time lapse video for research purposes because it gives them the ability to observe long term occurrences, such as the growth of cancer cells or a complex medical procedure.
If you have a project or even just an idea, then why not give us a call, we can help guide you towards the best solution for you.


  • GoPro 4K Image Quality
  • Wide capture angle (if desired)
  • Perfect for marketing videos


  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Quick ROI
  • Re-deploy on your next project


  • Solar Power
  • AC Permanent Power
  • Battery Power


  • Using Blink time lapse controller
  • Customise 10 separate schedules
  • Weekly or daily
  • Day, night, burst and video modes


  • Operate for months or even years
  • Customisable power storage capacities


  • Weather proof
  • Breathable enclosure
  • UV Resistant
  • Crush proof


  • Receive a daily email summary:
    • # of Photos taken
    • SD card status
    • Battery status
    • Peace of mind everything is working


  • Automatic upload
  • View site remotely
  • Safe cloud backup
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