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Rapid Deployment CCTV Systems

VisionOn Systems range of cloud based ‘Quick Deployment’ CCTV Cameras address a wide range of issues including Antisocial Behaviour, Street Crime, Graffiti, Littering & Fly Tipping. Our cameras are in daily use with Police Forces, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and other organisations throughout the UK.

All our Quick Deployment CCTV Cameras are supplied with a Wi-Fi Video Transmission system as standard.
This provides a cost-free transmission link at distances up to 100 metres. Additionally, all our systems have a 3G Video Transmission link so that users who need to View and Download Video Footage over long distances, can do so with ease.

  • Wi-Fi Transmission - View Live Video or Download high-quality footage at high speed. Download 1 hour of Video in only 10 minutes
  • 3G Video Transmission - View Live Video or Download remotely from your office or car. Distance is no object if there is 3G Network coverage - 20GB of data per month
  • Video Images are securely stored in the cloud, for fast, secure and easy sharing with other involved parties, such as insurers, the Police and Local Authorities
  • Images are stored for up to 30 days in the ‘Cloud’ before being overwritten automatically
  • Evidential images, once identified are stored for at least 12 months
  • High Quality Video Images even in low light conditions

With technology moving at such a pace, why saddle yourselves with a system that might well be obsolete in 12 months’ time. All our systems are configured to the user’s requirements and can be rented for as little as £65 per week.
Pay for what you need, when you need it and where you need it. We can install the systems for you and then collect them when you have finished.

  • Simple to use, intuitive Viewing Software
  • Download Video Footage to a Laptop or the Desktop Computer in your office
  • Instant Snapshot Images with one click - View, Print or Email Snapshots
  • You can simply create a video file for viewing on any computer
  • It is easy to copy data to a Memory Stick for use as evidence in Court
  • Because the system is Cloud based there is no software to install making it ideal for organisations that have a locked down IT policy
  • No user setup required, just follow the link, create your password and you are ready to go.
  • The system creates a totally secure connection between the camera system and the Cloud servers, encrypting the data with Bank Level Security
  • Once a user is enrolled a variety of options can be set to determine what they can see, manage and share
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