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CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a collective term for describing systems that are used for the viewing and recording of visual data. As a result of significant, recent advances in technology the products and services that we qualify to be in this category have broadened to a point where “CCTV” is no longer a fair description of the functionality or use of many of them.
Cloud computing (mainframe computing made available to us all courtesy of the internet) has enabled a quiet revolution in how we use computers. Rather than making sizeable and often risky investments in hardware and software, we can now buy computing power like we buy electricity, gas and water – paying only for what we use. Advanced, available cloud computing services and the ever decreasing cost of client devices that can be connected to them has led to many developments on the periphery of Information Technology services.
One of these developments is the ability to capture and record visual data to remote servers from cameras that are connected to the Internet (often referred to as “Visual Surveillance as a Service” or “Vsaas”). The architecture, functionality and economics of Vsaas are entirely different to CCTV systems, enabling Vsaas systems to be deployed in circumstances where the use of regular CCTV systems would be regarded as impractical, intrusive, uneconomic or even impossible.

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Revolutionary NVR & VMS

Xanview's Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and Cloud Video Management System (VMS) make video surveillance much faster & easier via a website, like YouTube™, Xanview allows you to monitor live & recorded events from one or multiple locations via a single login with just 2-3 taps!

Our system is so smart that it even shows you what you need to look at! It also tags and categories all footage so that searching takes seconds! No rewinding or specifying a time/date - unlike other products on the market.

Like a trusted watchman, it even monitors access to your account! Best of all, it’s super easy to install and use. Take control in an intuitive and easy to use way!

Xanview is the CCTV of the future

Intelligent technology shows you what you need to look at. Searching for a specific event takes seconds! No rewinding for hours, unlike with other systems.
Has local storage for Hi resolution back up if needed.
Runs on a user friendly, visual website, like YouTube™, where you can monitor live & recorded events via a personalised login! ( Any operating system & mobile device.
Fully scalable because it’s very powerful, yet simple to use. Suitable for large and small clients. Monitors one or many locations from a single login.
Set up takes minutes. No training, port forwarding, software or plugins. No Java/ActiveX). Work with most IP & traditional analogue cameras.
High grade security which includes control of each user’s access rights, audit log & alerts the systems is silent, compact and gives you superior high-definition video and audio.

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